Previously, when there was a peak of mortgage construction, country estate developers, who have been in relationships with banking institutions, offered mortgages to purchase a future home. Today, however, such proposals are extremely rare. The reasons are there: bad faith of builders, the delay maturity of housing in use, problems with the implementation, the complexity of the assessment of the real value of private property as collateral, and so on. But, despite this, these options are still found and to get home mortgages is still possible.

In the pure form, the mortgage on the purchase of suburban housing is rare to find in banks, because of the problems, described above. An exception can only be the case when an organization-builder in any way connected with the banking institution. But even in this situation, credit and financial institutions tend to lend to country houses in some cottage villages. This is due to the fact that they are easier to sell in the future, if the borrower is unable to pay the mortgage, as well as, those homes are much easier to assess.

When making a mortgage, especially if it comes to a house under construction, the buyer is subjected to very high risks. The main problem is that many do not know that, when applying for a loan at the bank, not every newly built house is available for sale.

What are the most widespread mistakes in this case?

Advise: Before getting home mortgage, check with your banking institution, or that is new to the accreditation of the bank. There is one subtle nuance: each branch of the chosen bank, which is the leader in this market, has its own list of buildings that are subjected to accreditation. So approach this issue very seriously, otherwise you may waste your money.